APT Systems Inc With Fully Functional Stablecoin Plans To Back It With Gold

SAN FRANCISCO, CA— (08/06/19) – APT Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: APTY), publicly-traded, fintech company, announced it has completed basic development of its Spera stablecoin. The company has a functional crypto currency that requires further testing of its security measures.

A dedicated Spera website has a demo video (https://sperastablecoin.com/demo.html) shows the basic coin functionality. There is also a whitepaper detailing plans and an investor presentation available for those who are interested. Once the company completes its security testing to make sure the coin is safe, management can take the final step of placing the Spera stablecoin on the Tyrtrade platform for trading.

The company owns and operates a recycling and recovery business that looks to refine precious metals like gold and palladium, doing business asTheRefiningCompany.com. This places the company in the unique position of being able to acquire and refine gold to contribute to cash flow in a variety of ways.   It also provides the parent company, APT, with a viable path to eventually back part of the Spera stable coin value with eco- gold. We see news coming out daily from other companies trying to create stablecoins, like Gemini and Libra being cryptocurrency coins backed by an asset. APT Systems is in a truly enviable position of being able to secure its own gold with purity of .9999 per cent. The ability to refine gold in the USA is getting more difficult and many companies find they are shipping their gold recovery process to companies overseas.

Glenda Dowie, CEO of Apt Systems said, “To say we worked hard to get Spera stablecoin fully purposed and ready for exchange would be an understatement, but the coin is functional, and our time and investment was well worth it. We have delivered a stablecoin to trade within our financial ecosystem! At the same time, our gold recovery business has started to gain serious momentum. We are even getting more shipments of Christmas lights. We use our refinery process to turn electronic waste into gold bars. The recovery and refining business is great for cash flow, and even better for our future Spera plans. Between our Spera stablecoin and our precious metal recovery, we truly can offer a “Gold standard” in cryptocurrency. There is still much more to come!”

Be sure to follow the company on Twitter @APTYsys for regular updates and visit www.therefiningcompany.com to learn more about the company’s gold refinery business.

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