APT Systems Grows Recycling Operation And Wants Your Old Christmas Lights

SAN FRANCISCO, CA— (11/07/19) – APT Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: APTY), publicly-traded, fintech company, acknowledged its electronics recycling subsidiary is becoming increasingly important as revenue continues to grow month over month.

CEO of APT Systems, Glenda Dowie said, “It is rewarding to see income from the AUREX Trading and Recovery operations. October sales alone exceeded the combined sales of July through September. E-waste mining for precious metal is big business and it’s really good for the planet too.  We continue to see those last-generation iPhones, tablets and obsolete computers as a huge opportunity going forward.”

The www.TheRefiningCompany.com website continues to deliver daily inquiries for to assist customers with processing and refining precious metal.  November sales looks promising based on packing slips created and submitted online. We are also working with professional designers so that we can offer clients an alternative payment in the form of gold as well as traditional cash payments.

AUREX Trading and Recovery is a fast growing Pennsylvania based company that is now ready to take on special projects.  We want those broken strings of light that we discover as we decorate our homes, offices and trees. You can print a mailing label on our site from here: http://therefiningcompany.com/We-Recycle-Christmas-Lights.aspx and we hope to match your kind recycling efforts by donating to children’s charities from copper recovered.  We have a goal of 2000 pounds and we want everyone to refrain from dumping lights in the trash.

APT Systems management continues to work on financial platforms including Verifundr, the Spera cryptocurrency and doubling down on refining efforts with the aid of social media and our great partners. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @APTYsys for regular updates.

Visit www.therefiningcompany.com to learn more about the company’s refinery and precious metal recovery business, and visit www.sperastablecoin.com to learn more about Spera, a stablecoin that we plan to back with recovered gold.

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